Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT concealer

color correct pencil-2

Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT® concealer is a  revolutionary double-sided “cream in a pencil” formula to brighten, correct and contour. This concealer and corrector is ultra-blendable, blurs wrinkles, stays on all day and is great for all skin types. 

PRICE: £16·44


  • Brightener (lighter color on the left) fills in under eye area and softens lines on the face. Highlights cheek and brow bones. Use just outside of the lip line to create fuller lips
  • Corrector (warmer color on right) neutralizes discolorations on the lid and underneath the eye, and camouflages imperfections, sunspots and redness
  • Use to contour and shape the face and nose. Choose a warmer shade 2-3 times deeper than your foundation color


  • Use under or over Susan Posnick COLORFLO. Apply and blend with fingertips or our concealer brush.

Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT is the perfect complement to Susan Posnick COLORFLO, in shades to match every skin tone.  

  • Use C1 with COLORFLO shades M1-M5
  • Use C2 with COLORFLO shades M5-M8
  • Use C3 with COLORFLO shades M8-M11
  • Use C4 with COLORFLO shades M9-M12