Susan Posnick COLOREYEDEFINE eye liner / eye shadow


Susan Posnick COLOREYEDEFINE®  eye liner / eye shadow is a slender container comprised of an angled liner thin enough to define, yet soft enough to blend as a shadow. In the cap is a self-dispensing eye shadow created to complement the liner color. All combinations are subtle enough for every day, yet they can be layered for those dramatic ''evening eyes.”

PRICE: £28·80


  • Blends easily
  • Color that stays put
  • Mess-free application
  • Travel friendly


  • Apply pencil as an eyeliner at lashline-thick or thin.
  • Safe for use on the inside rim (waterline) of eye.
  • Turn pencil onto the flat side to use as an eyeshadow. Smudge color with fingertips or blend with brush.
  • The eyeshadow is the in cap. To apply eyeshadow, unscrew cap and twist back-and-forth over the sponge tip. For more intense color, reapply.
  • Smokey quartz, bronze and jet liners may also be used to define the eyebrow


  • Tourmaline liner /Aquamarine shadow
  • Sapphire liner /Ametrine shadow
  • Jet liner /Moonstone shadow
  • Jasper liner /Sandstone shadow
  • Amethyst liner /Opal shadow
  • Smokey Quartz liner /Rose Quartz shadow
  • Turquoise liner / Topaz Shadow
  • Bronze liner / Copper Shadow
  • Platinum liner /Gold Shadow